The Sarnico Lovere Run is a unique race of its kind because it takes place on the road that runs along Lake Iseo. The route has been designed to enhance the beauty of the lakeside views of the shoreline highlighting the colors, vegetation and fauna.

The race start point is in “Piazza XX Settembre” in the city of Sarnico, a vibrant tourist destination that sits on the south side of Lake Iseo. The race is a favorite of many and every year attracts thousands of sports, nature and wellness enthusiasts

The path course is rather flat, the first town you encounter after Sarnico, is Predore from which you can see the opposite shore (which is under the county of Brescia) and the landing lakeside.

As you continue the race, your attention will be capture by MonteIsola, the largest lake Island of European lakes that reaches 600m of altitude. Monteisola is known for its Mediterranean vegetation which is also found in the beautiful gardens of the 2 small privately owned Island of Loreto and San Paolo located next to Monteisola.

You will then run thorugh the city of TavernolaBergamasca and Riva di Solto, one of the best kept Medieval Bourge in the Sebino area
The last KM, between Castro and Lovere will amaze you. Large Rocks overlooking the lake, comparable to the beautiful Amalfi Coast. The finish line, is in Lovere one of the most beautiful Medieval Bourges, Lovere will amaze you with its narrow historic alley, the street interwoven inside, Magnificent Palaces and the main square which can remind you of an open amphitheater overlooking nature.

The colors, from the lake to the sky and the Mountains, the blowing wind and rippling water will amaze you. The Sarnico Lovere Run offers the most amazing landscape and enchanted places for you to a admirethroughout the whole 25 km.








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